Implementation of Modern Cutter Suction Dredger technologies and ship building process.

Cutter suction Dredger CSD 500

The most powerful cutters can dredge hard rock effectively on a continuous basis. The self-propelled CSDs can travel long distances and be deployed in remote locations, far from their home port, making them flexible to be used all over the world. They can work in shallow waters and they also have flexible discharge alternatives.

Small and medium size cutter suction dredgers can be dismountable and transportable over land. The hull is then composed of a series of pontoons, with the one pontoon containing the machinery.

Model Flow Power Depth Discharge Suction/Discharge
CSD-400 200-1000m³/h 483kw 3/13m 400mm 200-1000m³/h
CSD-450 800m³/h 850kw 2/14m 450mm 800m³/h
CSD-500 1400m³/h 1274kw 2/14m 500mm 1400m³/h
CSD-650 1650m³/h 2914kw 3/18m 650mm 1650m³/h
CSD-750 3000m³/h 9300kw 4/22m 750mm 3000m³/h
Cutter suction dredger models and specification

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